It is very important for us at Sensavis to respect the privacy of our users. Our Privacy Policy, described here, was last updated in May 2016 and describes what information we collect and how we use it. The information in the Policy could be subject to frequent updates, depending on new apps we release or law changes.

Sensavis creates apps for all ages. We are a company located in Stockholm, Sweden and we strive to do educational apps that inspire to exploration as well as enable understanding complex and abstract subject matters.

The information we collect

  • User info
    In some of our apps the user has to give us information such as location, name, phone number and their email address. This information is used for support reasons, sending information to inspire and/or new ways to use the app and for our production team to get information since our development is 100% user driven – we only produce what the users want. We never give out the information to a third party.
  • Newsletter
    If a user signs up for our newsletter, we need an email address to send it. This data is shared with a service sending out newsletter, but the information is not forwarded to another entity.

Cookies and Links

Our website use cookies to deliver a greater service to you. No personal information is saved. Our website and some of our apps may include links to other apps. Sensavis is not responsible for these links.

Stored information

We take all the precautions we can to make sure that all information that we collect are stored in a very safe and secure way. However, Sensavis is not responsible for any disclosure of the information.

Tracking and Privacy

We do not track any data that can be considered personal data. Nor do we direct our messages to any specific user unless asked for, for example regarding support issues.


If you have any questions, contact us at