Sensavis Visual Learning Tool

Teach – Create – Activate

Sensavis empowers the educator by supplying a tool that makes it easy to visualize the abstract and explain the complex. The software is flexible, interactive, and doesn’t force the teacher to use any specific terminology since it does not contain text or voice-overs. The tool contains biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography, and engineering modules.

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Use Sensavis in the classroom to reach and include all students in learning by simplifying the abstract and complex. Vivid, interactive visualizations capture the students’ interest and increases motivation.

Create a common picture as starting point, explore and dwell deeper together. This also helps students that have difficulties building inner landscapes, or have difficulties with abstract and conceptual thinking. Continue reading


Video rights let you create and personalize your own educational materials, for example for flipped classrooms. The videos support a language integrated approach by establishing a common language and terminology. The learning is strengthened by your voice and pedagogy.

Translate the videos to support second language students. The videos can also be shared between teachers to facilitate peer learning, or to help schools, school districts, or even countries scale high quality education through a proprietary resource bank. Continue reading


When the students work with Sensavis, their abilities are developed since they can explore, examine, cooperate, create, and in turn, teach other students. This way, the students can deepen, broaden and understand their learning.

The students transition from passive consumers to active producers when creating their own interactive projects. Following the students’ development makes formative assessments easier. Continue reading

Video recording rights are available for volume deals for schools or school districts only.

Our process: Feedback from our users

We have a continuous dialogue with our customers and they are all able to give us feedback on what they want us to produce for future releases, and we involve several schools and subject experts when we produce new content. This process and dialogue ensures that we produce what is most relevant and most needed in schools all over the world, and ensures a product of the highest quality.

You will find a detailed table of contents here, and a roadmap of future content here.