City of Stockholm strengthens cooperation with Sensavis in the area of accessible digital learning spaces

The City of Stockholm Department of Education’s vision is to provide great education for all children in Stockholm, regardless of their background. City of Stockholm’s schools are open to all. The students’ prerequisites, their motivation, the learning and where they are heading is in focus.

In the city’s efforts to create accessible learning spaces, the City of Stockholm has decided to make Sensavis Visual Learning Tool available to all their schools, with the main purpose of motivating and including more students of all ages in the learning process.

“We’ve seen a growing number of schools choosing to work with Sensavis to strengthen learning for students of different ages. With this central agreement with Sensavis we not only provide access to high-quality educational material for all schools in the city of Stockholm but also ensure an equal learning environment where all students in the City of Stockholm now can be given additional opportunities to strengthen their learning”, says AnnMarie Taylor Director of IT at the Department of Education.

Sensavis Visual Learning Tool, which is best described by this 2 min video:, will be an important digital asset for teaching and learning STEM subjects. But City of Stockholm also sees opportunities for their teachers to work with language subjects and to strengthen both teachers and students’ digital skills. As Sensavis apps also can be used for all ages, from preschool to high school, this enables widespread use across all schools.

“We continue to focus on our priorities that include education of newly arrived students and digitalization as a tool for developing learning. All efforts and decisions from the central administration is focused on how the individual student’s learning and development can benefit. With this decision we add another piece of the puzzle where all schools in the City of Stockholm can strengthen their work in creating accessible learning environments. Based on the information provided from schools that already use Sensavis, we believe that this will enable more students to succeed better at school. And we also see these tools as a good platform to help teachers to move students’ learning from passive consumption to active production”, AnnMarie Taylor continues.

“We are both proud and very happy that the City of Stockholm now have decided to provide all schools with the opportunity to use our tools to strengthen students´ learning. This shows that our strategy of helping students to understand complex and abstract parts of a subject area is right in the current digitalization of schools all around the world. If we can make it easier for more students to gain new knowledge and fulfill their goals, we are all winners”, says Fredrik Olofsson, CEO of Sensavis.

Sensavis Visual Learning Tool is a learning tool with high quality interactive visualizations that simplifies learning by visualizing what is abstract and complex to understand so that students can learn more in less time. Sensavis apps contain modules for biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography and technology. The tool is used today in all levels of education, from preschool to university in more than 40 countries worldwide.

About Sensavis
Sensavis is a Swedish EdTech company with offices in Kista, north of Stockholm. Since 2013, Sensavis has focused on creating interactive visualizations for schools with the aim of simplifying learning for students of all ages.