Is there a trial version that I can download?

You can download a 30 day trial version of Sensavis Win 10 app from Microsoft Store.

How can I get a demo of Sensavis?

Join one of our webinars and choose the topics that interests you. Or email us for a Skype demo for your school.

What kind of hardware do we need to use Sensavis Premium?

You can install and use Sensavis on regular stationary computer or laptop. Your configuration can contain a 2D TV, projector, or a 3D TV or projector and 3D glasses. Sensavis is compatible with Smart boards, Promethean boards, and interactive projectors. You can also navigate the interface on a touchscreen.

Recommended hardware requirements:
Windows 10 64bit
Intel i7 processor
10GB free disc space
Dedicated NVIDIA GPU 750 series or better

Minimum hardware requirements:
Windows 7 64bit
Intel i5 processor
10GB free disc space
Without dedicated GPU, Intel HD graphics 4200 or better.

What kind of hardware do we need to use Sensavis Win 10 app?

You can use Sensavis Win 10 app on any PC, tablet, or Surface Hub with Windows 10 and 4GB RAM. Combine it with any display unit.

Do I have to be tech savvy to use Sensavis in my teaching?

To navigate the system requires limited IT skill. Everything is explained in the manual, or find what you are looking for in our video tutorials.

Are there courses or trainings in using Sensavis?

Yes, you will find more information here.

Can several teachers share one system/license?

You can use the software freely but it’s tied to one computer. If you want to use it on more computers, you will have to buy additional licenses.

Can I show the content on a projector?

Yes, Sensavis is compatible with all display units. However, if you have a 3D capable projector and wish to display the content in stereoscopic 3D, you need to use Sensavis Premium.

Can I show the content in stereoscopic 3D?

Only Sensavis Premium works in stereoscopic 3D, and you need a 3D capable projector or screen. Learn how to adjust the settings here.

I use smartboards, projectors, and TVs/monitors at my school. Can I display the material on them?

Our software can be displayed on existing screens and projectors. When you start the computer, you choose how to display the software. If you want to show it in 3D, you have to use a monitor or projector that supports 3D and is Full HD (1080p) or HD Ready (720p).

What content can I find in Sensavis?

You can download a detailed table of contents here.

I feel that content is missing, whom do I contact?

First, check our roadmap to see if it might be in production! Otherwise, we ask our customers twice a year what material they feel is missing from the product to prioritize what to produce. If you have specific requests that are not on the roadmap, a collaboration might be an option. Please email us.

Which grades is the content suitable for?

It is for all ages, as there is neither text nor sound accompanying the material in the software. The educator chooses the appropriate level, as well as what to say and how to talk about what is being visualized. This means that our product can be used from preschool all the way up to university level education.

How can I be certain that the content is correct (in terms of shape, movement, and function)?

Sensavis makes use of the latest scientific findings. We collaborate with educators and subject experts when producing content to ensure that it is correct.

I feel that content is incorrect, whom do I contact?

Please send an email to

Why did my app stop working after 30 days?

We offer a 30 day free trial. To continue using Sensavis Win 10 app, please purchase one license here, or if you are interested in discussing a school or district license, please contact for assistance.

I have questions about my invoice and/or payment confirmation?

Please contact for assistance.

Can I order more licenses?

You can get a single license, or a volume license. For more information, click here or send an email to

How can I add video rights?

To get the right to record and share videos, you need a school or district license. Please contact for assistance.

How is Sensavis licensed?

You can get a single license, or a volume license. For more information, click here or send an email to

How many devices can I install Sensavis on?

If you have purchased one license of Sensavis, you will be able to install it on one computer.

How do I activate Sensavis Premium?

Open Sensavis Premium. Click on the gears next to the “Start” button. Click the “Activate” button and enter your license key.

How do I activate Sensavis Win 10 app?

Open Sensavis Win 10 app. When your trial period has run out, the app will ask you to activate. Enter the license key.

I downloaded the latest Sensavis Win 10 app, how do I activate it?

The app will try to activate itself using the license key from the previous version. If it is not successful, it will ask you to activate. Please enter the license key that you received upon purchasing your license.

I have entered my license but nothing happens and I can't activate my application?

This happens when your antivirus or firewall (including Windows Defender) is blocking the activation process. Please deactivate it during the process and try to activate Sensavis again. This usually solves the issue and you can turn the antivirus/firewall back on again.

I haven’t received an email with my license after I have bought the app?

After buying Sensavis Win 10 app, you receive an email with a confirmation link. After confirming your email address, you will receive a license key. If you never received the confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you didn’t received your license after confirming your email address, please contact

How do I start Sensavis Premium?

After turning on your computer, click the Sensavis icon on your desktop, select the correct screen resolution and options for your configuration, press start, and then the system starts automatically.

How do I start Sensavis Win 10 app?

Open the start menu and look for the icon in the list of apps. Or, search for it in the start menu. Here’s a short tutorial.

Why do I get two pictures (over under or side by side) when I choose "with glasses", is my program not running correctly?

The program is running correctly. You have chosen to run the program in stereoscopic 3D. You need to activate the 3D settings on your screen, projector, or TV and set according to what you see.

Where can I find help how to use Sensavis?

Please have a look at our tutorials in the inspiration section or download our manual in pdf.

How do I change the language? What languages can I choose from?

In Sensavis Premium, you can currently choose between Swedish and English. If you wish to have it in Chinese, Finnish, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, or Vietnamese, you can contact us for a special language version of Sensavis Premium. To learn how to change the settings, watch this video.

In Sensavis Win 10 app, you will be able to choose between Arabic, English, Finnish, Spanish, and Swedish on the Settings tab. Here’s a short tutorial.

My application is slow and the picture quality is low?

Your computer might not meet the minimum requirements to run the application. If your computer does meet the requirements and the issue consists, please contact

In Sensavis Win 10 app, you will be able to change the settings for visual quality, animation quality, and navigation speed on the Settings tab.

I have bought a license but the app stopped working?

If we are unable to confirm your payment for the license you are using it will stop working. We recommend contacting both and

How do I update Sensavis?

Sensavis Premium, version 5.0 or later, will alert you that a new version is available and you can choose if you want to update immediately or at a later time. You can at any time, via the control panel in Sensavis Premium, check if new content is available.

If you have activated the auto update for apps, Sensavis Win 10 app will automatically update whenever new features are available. If there is a content update available, you will see an icon next to the module in the menu.

How do I get video rights?

To get the right to record and share videos, you need a school or district license. Please contact for assistance.

I have video rights. How can I share my videos?

If you have a school license, you can share the videos within the school during the entire license period. If you have a district license, you can share videos within the school district during the license period. But you can also share videos with other Sensavis customers, as long as they also are correctly licensed.



Detailed table of content

Fact sheet


Where can I find which version I've installed on my computer?

In Sensavis Premium, you can see which version you have installed in the control panel.

In Sensavis Win 10 app, you can check what version you have installed by clicking “My license information” on the Settings tab. If you have the auto update for apps turned on, you will always have the latest version.

What is a "local .smp file"?

The .smp file contains a set of modules which can be installed from a local drive, instead of being downloaded.